Lokasi Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Dengan Metode Fuzzy Multi Criteria


  • Dita Putri Kusumawardani


Fuzzy Logic, BTS Location, GSM Network.


Every human being can only communicate when they are close to each other. But with the increasing advancement of technology, every human being must have the desire to be able to communicate to the greatest possible distance using additional tools. This is what encourages people to always be innovative in creating new technologies, one of which is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) telecommunications technology. Therefore, determining the location of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is an effort that must be made by cellular operators so that all areas can be reached by signals. Thus, the authors make the application for Determining the Location of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) with the Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making Method which can help determine the best BTS location from several alternative positions, by providing alternative ranking positions in several locations based on predetermined BTS selection criteria. To determine the best location position based on the consideration of many criteria, where these criteria can be measured quantitatively with the Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making (FMCDM) method which is used to assess numerically and in language, while for the selection of the method of determining the position of the location used the total integral value, because the method is able to prioritize optimal alternatives. By using the FMCDM application, it can make it. easier for the company to determine the best BTS location so that it can reach more cellular users and increase profits for the company.