Penggunaan Sistem Transaksi Perpustakaan Berbasis Web Dengan Bahasa Pemrograman PHP-MySQL di Kantor Desa Kalbaru Wetan


  • Hafila Indira Dewi


Design system, Library Mangement System, PHP and MySql.


The library is part of the learning resources that should be owned by every school, college or even institution. Due to the existence of a library will make it easier for anyone who wants to search for information. With the development of technology made human to think to be able to work more effectively and efficiently. One of them is to make the conventional system into a computerized system.

By utilizing the facilities of the website which can be accessed anywhere and anytime with your mobile phone or computer can be more effective and efficient in the booking book. In this study designed a system of transaction of borrowing and returning books web-based using PHP programming language MySQL.With this system, is expected to address the various needs of the operator to facilitate the administration of the circulation of borrowing books and making reports. From the results of the research that has been conducted the author to implement the results of research into scientific work with the title “Application of the Use of the Transaction System Web-Based Library With the Php Programming Language My Sql In the Office of the Village of Kalibaru Wetan”.