Pengembangan E-Commerce Menggunakan Content Management System (CMS) Wordpress di Toko Diana Kecamatan Glenmore


  • Yos Prasetyo


Perancangan sistem, Sistem Manajemen Perpustakaan, PHP dan MySql.


The use of the internet that has led to the business world starting to use the internet as a medium of sales and purchases. Diana Glenmore Store is a company engaged in sales, where purchases of products from consumers are made by coming directly to Diana Glenmore Store outlets. To provide a solution, e-commerce is created where consumers can purchase products easily without having to come to the store, and companies can more easily provide information to consumers which will affect their selling power. The purpose of this study was to determine the development and implementation of e-commerce programs at Diana Glenmore Store. In the development of e-commerce, the author of research methods uses interviews and observations and uses the waterfall technique, the author uses Wordpress as a material for making E-commerce. The result of this research is that customers find it easier to find information about the products being sold, including the name of the product, the price of the product, and its description. In addition, Shop manager Diana Glenmore keeps the sales results automatically.