Perancangan Sistem Informasi Pengarsipan Data Surat Keluar Menggunakan Visual Basic 6 di MI Nurul Huda


  • Alfi Harisal
  • M. Sofyan Hidayah Universitas Bakti Indonesia
  • Muhammad Adi Universitas Bakti Indonesia


Design system, Pengarsipan, PHP and MySql.


This study aims to design a data archiving information system for incoming and outgoing mails in the form of desktop-based software at MI Nurul Huda Grujugan Kidul, Bondowoso Regency so that it makes filing easier.This research is a development research, where the researcher will develop an information system that is implemented in a software to manage the administrative process of correspondence at the MI Nurul Huda institution. This research is based on current conditions, where the mail administration process is still done manually in the form of a letter agenda book. Every outgoing and incoming letter is recorded in a letter agenda book, then filed in a folder. The design of the Letter Information System at MI Nurul Huda Grujugan Kidul, Bondowoso Regency uses conceptual design and physical design. Conceptual design is made of System Flow, Data Flow Diagrams, and Entity Relationship Diagrams. While the physical design is made with the concept of desktop-based applications using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The design of this Information System can help MI Nurul Huda Grujugan Kidul, Bondowoso Regency to simplify the process of managing correspondence data, from previously written manually on a letter agenda, to a computerized process on a computer database.